The situation regarding quality of the environment at the bus terminal under the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising in Bratislava has been bad for a long time. People have to wait for their bus connections in a totally unsuitable, dark, and desolate area, which has, in fact, been in the same condition for the last 40 years since the bridge had been erected. The characteristics of this place directly affect the mood and behaviour of its users, and several disturbances and conflicts have happened here in the past.

For us the bus stop has become a kind of laboratory – a space for us to try different renewal strategies for public space and try to significantly improve the given situation in our city. In 2011, we carried out a quick intervention in form of the “Green Square” project. This year 2013, we plan to continue with this project by solving one of the major problems of this spot – its poor lightning.

The volunteers participation

One of the most significant problems of the bus stop is its poor lighting. Thus, we decided to create a lighting unit that would, aside from being practical, connect active citizens with their own city. We designed a shade of the lighting unit thatenables the volunteers to participate in the production of the entire unit and to keep the lighting price as low as possible. Their role was simple, but very important for the final appearance of the lighting: to wound more than 4,000 metres of white strap (pp strap) used for packing packages on the shielding part of five shields. The whole action will take place on the historical square just beside the bridge in front of the public.

We also deemed as interesting the fact that the whole project had been, aside from other companies, co-financed by Siemens and Philips, which normally competed with one another.