Židovska street pavement extension

The Staromestská and Židovská street problem persists and the relevant discussion is still hot. A global solution for this problem is surely not in the bag and requires a further time consuming preparation. We wanted to cope with the near future and tried to use our proposal for resolving the main problem of the Židovska street – the pedestrians-cars conflict – in a simple manner. Crowds of tourists looking for the castle or accelerated students between two important bus stops struggling through the cars are a daily routine for this part of the city.

We therefore propose to extend the pavement above the Staromestská street with a 2 m wide simple steel structure supported and anchored in the original wall. The structure is divided onto 2m long fields consisting of skeleton crosswise profiles and supporting lengthwise ones. The structure is covered by wooden boards.

The handrail is lined by a graphically perforated gold-colored steel plate. Both the bench and the handrail are lighted from the railing, on which the lighted text is integrated too.