The residential area of 500 flats represents the oldest housing estate in Bratislava. It is a part of the district Ružinov from the administrative point of view. The construction of this residential area started in the 1950s, the postwar period when all the Slovaks moved to Bratislava. Since Bratislava did not offer a lot of housing there was a huge demand for new built flats, mainly from young families. Residential area of 500 flats we know as for nowadays differs from the other housing estates of Bratislava and the other Slovak places. Typical bricking and three-floored buildings create an original house colony that was initially defined by streets Revúcka, Velehradská, Pavlovova, Súťažná, Azovská, Svätoplukova and Budovateľská. This place also creates a social united space thanks to the propinquity and unity of buildings, and is typical for unique type of communication between inhabitants as well as the possibilities of local development.

Nowadays, Bratislava and its districts are under significant changes of urban design. At the level of housing estates and residual districts there become a generation exchange of inhabitants, arrival of new residents, and the change of visual form of different city districts. Everything has impact on those places which people live and spend time in – working, family or personal time. In respect to this it seems to be important to capture elements creating the location identity and find out the features of local culture within the history and presence. At the same time it is important to determine the needs and ideas of residents for purpose of creation of good place to live. Physical and visual propinquity of 500 flats evokes the positive approach of all its residents and those who somehow profits here (entrepreneurs, artists).

From that reason there was initiative of some residents to take necessary steps leading to the long-term sustainable development of 500 flats. Since residents consider the area of 500 flats as a good place to live, their initiative aims towards strengthening the community, supporting the cooperation and confidence, and creating the common activities in order to know each other better. The alliance has currently following members: Mirka Bobáková – sociologist, Matúš Vallo and Oliver Sadovský – Civil Association Urban Interventions, Lukáš Kordík – architectural studio GutGut, Ján Buocik – deputy mayor of district Ružinov, Ivo Nesrovnal – alderman and  mayor ofBratislava county.